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Kiyatec to attend partnering forum at BIO International 2023

Booth #3043 - SCBIO Pavillion

June 5-8, 2023

Boston, MA

Kiyatec’s CEO and business development team will be joining South Carolina’s life sciences delegation (SCBIO) at BIO International this June 5th-8th. Kiyatec will be focused on forming strategic partnerships with global biopharmaceutical companies to help triage and advance the most efficacious preclinical assets to the clinic.

Kiyatec to attend and showcase new clinical booth at the American Society for Clinical Oncology (ASCO)

Booth #25090

June 2-6, 2023

Chicago, IL

Kiyatec’s clinical team will attend ASCO this June to further expand upon its clinical presence. Kiyatec will be discussing how the 3D Predict™ test uses spheroid technology and patients’ own live cells to determine therapeutic response to chemo agents.

Kiyatec to host the High-Grade Glioma (HGG) Functional Precision Medicine Webinar Series

Tuesday April 25th, 2023 - 3pm EST

For this first installment of a six webinar series, join Dr. Phillips and Dr. Litvack to hear how the experts are using live patient-specific tumor tissue to predict therapeutic response(s) in HGG patients before treatment initiation. HGG has an extremely poor prognosis leading to inevitable recurrence with limited biomarkers available to predict treatment responses. This interactive multidisciplinary cancer discussion will feature two real world clinical cases, presented by their treating physicians, with a discussion moderated by our panel of experts. There will be time for attendees to participate in Q&A. This Functional Precision Medicine Webinar Series is powered by OncoLens.

Kester A. Phillips. MD

Kester A. Phillips. MD

Medical Director, Neuro-Oncology
Swedish Neuroscience Institute
Seattle, Washington

Zachary N. Litvack, MD

Zachary N. Litvack, MD

Co-Director, Neurosurgery
Swedish Neuroscience Institute
Seattle, Washington

Kiyatec to present multiple posters and feature new preclinical offerings at the American Association for Cancer Research (AACR)

April 14th-19th , 2023

Orange County Convention Center - Orlando, FL

Kate Appleton, PhD

Kate Appleton, PhD

Director of R&D

Title: Preclinical testing of therapeutic biologics using patient-derived 3D spheroids.

Melissa Millard, PhD

Melissa Millard, PhD

Director of R&D
New Model Development

Title: Perfused patient-derived organic models with autologous immune cells for preclinical drug development.

Kiyatec to Co-sponsor the 7th Tumor Models Immuno-Oncology Summit

Track A, 11:30am

January 25th , 2023

Marines’ Memorial Club and Hotel

Kiyatec Chief Scientific Officer Tessa DesRochers, PhD will speak at the 7th Tumor Models Immuno-Oncology Summit in San Francisco on January 25th, 2023. Kiyatec will be presenting – “Analyzing the modelling of T-cell specific Immuno-Therapies Deep-Diving into model applications for NK cell based therapeutics.” Using ex vivo human tumor models which incorporate tumor cells, and autologous immune cells, Kiyatec will be demonstrating the utility of their models to test T-cell specific therapies, including checkpoint inhibitors, bispecifics, and cellular therapies.

Kiyatec to present T-cell Reinvigoration & Persistence at Society for Immunotherapy of Cancer (SITC) 2022

Poster #162

Booth #447

November 8-12, 2022

Boston Convention & Exhibit Center

Kiyatec’s Senior Research Scientist, Katy Lassahn, MSc will present new insights at SITC 2022 in Boston: “Detecting T-cell Reinvigoration and Persistence Using Patient-derived ex vivo 3-dimensional spheroid models” featuring our tissue-agnostic ex vivo three-dimensional platform which recapitulates the tumor microenvironment for the assessment of T-cell performance — allows for testing of patient-specific T-cell reinvigoration and assessment of cell therapy product candidates in a cost-effective manner to expedite the preclinical product development process.

July 20 is #Glioblastoma Awareness Day

Kiyatec 3D Predict™ Glioma provides physicians with patient-specific predictive therapeutic response insights – before treatment begins.

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