Predict therapeutic response for cancer treatment that works the first time

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3D Predict™ delivers patient-specific evidence of response to chemotherapy prior to treatment initiation using 3-dimensional (3D) spheroids created from patients’ live cancer cells.
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Cancer-focused legacy

We’re established leaders in functional precision oncology with more than 10 years of experience processing patient cancer samples.

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Accurate response prediction

3D Predict uses patients’ cancer cells to effectively select patient-specific cancer therapies.

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We deliver clinically relevant
and actionable results within
7 to 10 days.

See how 3D Predict works

A functional precision oncology
tool for your treatment-tailoring toolbox

3D Predict bridges the gap between genetic insights and practical treatment decisions, providing a real-world testing environment that allows you to assess the efficacy of different treatment options.

3D Predict Complements Genetic Testing

3D Predict
Genetic Testing

Measures direct interaction with drugs or therapies to assess how the patient’s unique cancer cells respond to different cancer treatments.

Provides dynamic, real-time insights into how the patient’s tumor cells respond to various treatment options.

Can be used to tailor treatments based on how the patient’s unique cancer cells react to specific therapies.

Examines the genetic alterations or mutations within a patient’s tumor cell to identify the specific genetic factors driving the cancer.

Provides a static snapshot of the tumor’s genetic makeup.

Can be used to select targeted therapies or precision medicine approaches based on the genetic profile of the tumor.

The combination of genetic testing and 3D Predict allows you to leverage both the static genetic information and the dynamic response of tumor cells to make more informed treatment decisions.

Photo: Dr. Kester Phillips Neuro-Oncologist St. Paul, MN
Patients are trying to live and want options and combinations. Always best to do it (3D Predict) up front, so patients are healthier.”

Dr. Kester Phillips
Health Partners Cancer Center
St. Paul, MN

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