Accelerate oncology drug development with KIYA-Predict™

Recreate human response to drugs before costly clinical trials

For companies developing small molecules, targeted therapies, and immuno-oncology agents for solid tumors, the KIYA-Predict ex vivo 3-dimensional (3D) cell culture platform accelerates and informs the preclinical development process with accurate human cell response insights.

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Cancer-focused legacy

We’re established leaders in functional precision oncology with more than 10 years of experience in 3D cell culture technology, able to create thousands of patient-specific in vivo-like microtumors with a 95% success rate.1

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We have an excellent partnering record and high client retention with several top pharmaceutical, biotech, and PDX companies to drive innovation and advance medical solutions.


Our 3D Spheroid Platform is optimized for high throughput and rapid turnaround while the 3D Perfusion Microtumor Platform is optimized for higher complexity.

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KIYA-Predict Drug Response Screening for High Throughput
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3D Perfusion Microtumor Platform for High Complexity
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KIYA-Predict achieves in vivo-like tissue complexity to recreate human response

Our proprietary process uses live cancer cells to model and assess therapeutic response across a range of targets and mechanisms of action, permitting investigation of long-term drug response by more than just cell death.

Input sources can be from fresh or frozen primary tissue, organoids, PDX tissue, or cell lines for high throughput (spheroid) or higher complexity (microtumor) platforms.

Tumors are enzymatically dissociated, preserving all cell types, their signaling, and function. Cell types can be separated for more complex studies.

Spheroids are formed in a Matrigel-free environment with in vivo-like tissue complexity. All cell types present in the primary tumor remain and are allowed to proliferate over extended periods of time.

The spheroids undergo perfusion or incubation with therapeutic efficacy assessment via flow cytometry, cytokine analysis, and imaging.

KIYA-Predict accelerates oncology drug development by providing accurate therapeutic response insights.

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