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If you have been diagnosed with cancer, you know it comes with a lot of questions. At Kiyatec, we are here to help you and your care team with answers.

3D Predict Glioma is a test that your doctor can order to determine which of the 12 commonly used chemotherapy drugs will work best for you. This test is for newly diagnosed and recurrent glioma patients to predict therapeutic response to common chemotherapy agents. 3D Predict is not currently available for patients in New York or California.

Testing can only be ordered by your doctor. Please call our customer service department for assistance talking with your doctor about whether 3D Predict Glioma is right for you at 1-864-293-7097.

From the time Kiyatec receives the necessary tissue samples, it typically takes approximately 7-10 days to generate your report. Your test results will be delivered to your doctor when complete.

Only the doctor who ordered the 3D Predict Glioma test can cancel the order. If you wish to cancel your test, please contact your doctor.

Tissue from your tumor will be collected from a standard biopsy or resection. We will work with your hospital’s pathology department to obtain your tissue sample, which will be sent to our CLIA-certified laboratory in Greenville, South Carolina.

The results report sent to your doctor will show how live cells from your tumor responded to 12 chemotherapy drugs (whether the cells responded, had a moderate response, or had no response at all).

Your results will be sent to your physician to share with you.

Genomic testing looks at mutations found in the tumor itself (somatic mutations). Genetic testing looks at inherited mutations that are in all cells, including the tumor, and are passed on from your parents (germline mutations). These tests are used to see how these mutations may impact tumor growth, spread, and response to therapy.

The 3D Predict test is different from both of those tests. It shows which chemotherapies will be most effective in treating your specific tumor. It takes live cells from tumor tissue to see how they respond to 12 commonly used chemotherapies so your doctor can see which ones work and which ones don’t before treatment begins.

Each glioma, or brain tumor, has its own characteristics and behavior, which is why all testing—genomic, genetic, and 3D Predict—is so important. 3D Predict can provide therapeutic insights that, when used with other test results, can help your doctor find the best treatment for you.

Kiyatec accepts all insurance plans and Medicare.

Nothing. An Explanation of Benefits (EOB) is not a bill; it is a communication from your insurance company regarding the Kiyatec services you received. It shows services that were billed to insurance and what insurance covered. An EOB may not require payment even if there is an amount due for patient responsibility.

Kiyatec will send a bill to you for the amount owed once we are notified by your insurance company. You may pay the bill to Kiyatec or endorse the check from your insurance company to Kiyatec by signing the back of the check on the top line of the endorsement area and writing “pay to the order of Kiyatec” on the second line.

The Kiyatec Access Program supports patients through the coverage and billing process. When your physician orders one of our tests and we receive your sample, Kiyatec will contact your health plan to complete what is called a benefits investigation. If we expect that you will have greater than $100 in out-of-pocket costs for our testing services, we will reach out to you via telephone and regular mail.

When your physician orders one of our tests (3D Predict Glioma) and we receive your sample, Kiyatec will reach out to your health plan to obtain detailed benefit information (e.g., to confirm insurance information, unmet deductible amounts, and lab benefit levels). If your expected out-of-pocket costs are greater than $100 for our testing services, Kiyatec will try to reach you by phone and mail to share this information with you, request your authorization to appeal a service denial we may receive from your health plan, and share information about Kiyatec’s Financial Assistance Program, which may help lower your out-of-pocket costs for our testing services.

If we find that your out-of-pocket costs for testing are greater than $100, Kiyatec will make two phone calls to try to reach you, and if we do not reach you, we will send a letter via regular mail. If you have any questions about billing or reimbursement or to apply for financial assistance, you can contact us at 1-866-512-2943.

Kiyatec is committed to providing access for patients without insurance through our Financial Assistance Program, a needs-based program for qualifying patients. Patients may apply for financial assistance regardless of insurance coverage at any point in the testing process by calling 1-866-512-2943.

Kiyatec will exhaust every available option for insurance coverage for 3D Predict Glioma, including appealing any denial of service with your health plan. We will only send you a bill after we have exhausted every option for coverage with your health plan. Kiyatec also offers a Financial Assistance Program that may lower your out-of-pocket costs.

Kiyatec offers a needs-based Financial Assistance Program for qualifying patients. Regardless of insurance coverage, patients may apply for financial assistance at any point in the testing process. You can apply by calling 1-866-512-2943. We will ask you for your address, the number of people who live with you (household size), and your estimated annual household income.

No. Currently Kiyatec does not require patients with Medicare coverage to submit an Advanced Beneficiary Notice, or ABN, prior to testing.

For customer service or general inquiries, call 1-864-293-7097.
For billing questions, call 1-866-512-2943.
For any other questions, call 1-864-502-2013.

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