Every patient’s experience with brain cancer is unique

Now, their treatment can be too

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Deciding on the right treatment for high-grade glioma (HGG), or brain cancer, can be complicated and filled with uncertainty. On top of that, many treatments can cause side effects, like fatigue, nausea, cognitive changes, and hair loss. You need time to meet your milestones and still feel well enough to achieve them. Why would you risk all of that knowing standard treatment might not be effective against your cancer?

Talking to doctors can be intimidating.
Get our guide for talking with your doctor about 3D Predict™ Glioma.

Trial and error shouldn’t be part of the treatment plan

Our special 3-dimensional (3D) cell culture technology allows us to see how your own cancer cells react to different chemotherapies so we can predict which ones will work and which ones won’t before putting the drugs in your body.

Coming soon! 3D Predict for patients with ovarian cancer.

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Your doctor will remove a part of your tumor and send it to our lab.

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Our lab will receive your tissue within 24 hours.

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Using your own tumor tissue, our technology will create thousands of spheroids, which live and grow just as they would inside your body, and treat them with cancer drugs.

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Your results will clearly show which chemotherapies killed your cancer cells and which ones did not. They will be sent to your doctor within 7 to 10 days, leaving enough time for your care team to identify the best treatment for you.

Get a sample journey with 3D Predict for more details.

Every patient should have access to 3D Predict Glioma

We want every patient to have the answers they need to enter treatment with confidence. That’s why giving you access to this test through insurance, billing, and financial assistance is a top priority.

Navigating the billing process
  1. Your doctor orders the 3D Predict Glioma test.
  2. Once testing is complete, Kiyatec will bill your insurance.
  3. Your health plan will process a claim for your test. You may then receive an “explanation of benefits.” This is NOT a bill.
  4. If insurance denies the claim, they will notify you and Kiyatec. With your permission, we will work on your behalf to appeal to your insurance provider for your healthcare services.
  5. If you are uninsured or cannot pay for the test, you can apply for financial assistance through the Kiyatec Financial Assistance Program. We will walk you through it together.
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If you have any questions about Kiyatec’s Financial Assistance Program, please call 1-866-512-2943 Mon – Thurs 9 AM – 6 PM ET and Fri 9 AM – 5 PM ET.

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