About Our Drug Development Services

We provide in vitro 3D cell culture services to leading biopharmaceutical companies seeking to characterize tumor response (ex vivo efficacy) and/or immunoreactivity to their investigational oncology drug candidates.  These services support biopharmaceutical preclinical testing and clinical trials.

We offer breadth and depth of experience in unlocking many of the most complex preclinical drug development challenges:

  • Drug screening
  • PDX model selection
  • Mechanisms of resistance
  • Cytokine profiling
  • Molecular characterization

Our models closely mimic the in vivo tumor microenvironment by drawing from patient-specific tumor and matched immune cells, thereby minimizing phenotypic drift.  In addition to small molecule / standard chemotherapy, our 3D cell culture modeling expertise extends to PD-1/L1 inhibitors, antibody drug conjugates, bi-specific and cellular therapies.


In Vitro 3D Cell Culture Platforms


Key Citations

Breast Cancer Modeling

  • Complex, Patient-Derived, Multi-Cell Type, 3D Models of Breast Cancer for Personalized Prediction of Therapeutic Response
  • 3D Modeling of Immune Cell Interactions in Breast Cancer and Prediction of Immunotherapy Response
  • Perfused 3D Tri-Culture Breast Cancer Microtumors for Accurate Prediction of Drug Response
  • Drug Response Profiling, Redox Ratio, and Biomarker Analysis in an in vitro 3D Tri-Culture Model of Breast Cancer
  • Macrophage Incorporation into a 3D Perfusion Tri-Culture Model of Human Breast Cancer

Brain Cancer Modeling

  • Ex Vivo Models of Glioblastoma: A Comparison of 3D Tissues and Patient-Derived Xenografts to Clinical Response
  • Profiling Patient-Specific Glioblastoma Drug Response In Vitro Using Complex 3D Microtumors
  • A Complex 3D Model of Glioblastoma for Patient-Specific Drug Response Profiling

Ex Vivo Testing of Patient-Derived Xenograft (PDX)

  • Establishment and characterization of paired palbociclib-sensitive and resistant luminal A breast PDX models
  • Enhancing Drug Discovery & Development Throughput Without Sacrificing Predictivity: ex vivo 3D Drug Response Profiling Using PDX

Immuno-Oncology Modeling

  • Multifaceted functional assessment of checkpoint inhibitor efficacy using 3D tumor spheroids
  • PARP inhibition in combination with pembrolizumab enhances cytotoxicity in ovarian cancer patient-derived 3D spheroids
  • Predicting Patient Response to Checkpoint Blockade Therapy Using In Vitro 3D Culture
  • Predicting Patient Response to Immuno-Oncology Agents In Vitro Using 3D Cultures
  • 3D Tissue Models to Predict Patient-Specific Responses to immuno-Oncology Agents
  • Complex, 3D Tissues for Modeling the Immune Response in Cancer and Predicting the Activity of Immunotherapies

Lung Cancer Modeling

  • Paired Isolation and Expansion of CSC and CTC from Primary Small Cell Lung Cancer Patient Tissue and Blood Using the 3DKUBE® Bioreactor Platform
  • Marker Free Isolation and Expansion of Cancer Stem Cells from Small Cell Lung Cancer

Rare Tumor Modeling

  • The Perfused 3DKUBE™ Rare Tumor Assay Models In Vivo Drug Response

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We leverage our proprietary ex vivo 3D cell culture technology platforms to accurately model and predict response to approved and investigational cancer drugs targeting a spectrum of solid tumors.

Drug Development Services:  We work with leading biopharmaceutical companies to unlock response dynamics (ex vivo efficacy) for their investigational cancer drug candidates in preclinical testing and subsequent clinical trials.

Clinical Testing Services (CLIA-certified laboratory):  In 2019 we published of our assay’s analytical validation and clinical evidence of its predictive performance.  Currently we are further validating drug response-predictive clinical assays as well as undertaking investigator-initiated studies in ovarian cancer, high-grade glioma, breast cancer and rare tumors.

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